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Any company may need to plan an advertising campaign, but have already exhausted their advertising budget in money for that period or for that product. Paying with your goods or services could therefore represent the optimal solution for not giving up on a communication activity useful for achieving your Marketing or Business objectives. The logical flow is simple: the customer / advertiser, having agreed with the Barter all quantitative and qualitative parameters of the advertising campaign requested, buys by barter and pays with a supply of goods / services of equal value. Invoices between advertiser (merchandise) and barter (advertising) are equal to each other, eliminating any cash flow, simplifying administrative procedures, eliminating financial exposure; the barter will then take care of selling the goods in the channels, in Italy or abroad, agreed with the advertiser. In summary, the scheme is organized as follows: The advertiser bills the barter for the goods. The dealership bills the advertisement to the barter at an extra discount, which he resells to the advertiser at the same amount as the goods (balance of invoices). The barter sells the goods to third parties, applying a discount lower than that obtained by the dealership.


To meet the needs of all those advertisers who want their products to be marketed in “protected” channels, Gooon has created, through its own subsidiary, a network of stores with access restricted to registered customers only, thus becoming part of that network of private outlets. The outlets, which operate under the “Emotionet Store” brand, are accessible only to employees and collaborators of the affiliated companies, are not open to the public, and therefore guarantee the total absence of any commercial disturbance for the supplier of goods.


An exchange of goods is fiscally equivalent to an exchange, therefore the compensation between goods and advertising must be immediate, pursuant to the provisions of Presidential Decree 633 / 72art. 6 and art. 11.The invoices for goods and advertising will therefore be issued with an indication of “compensation payment”, except for any cash balances arising from different VAT rates.
In the event that the advertising is delivered after the supply of the goods, the Barter will issue an advance invoice for “advertising to be delivered” for the same amount as the goods received, except to issue further proof with the details of the advertisement at the time of actual use of the plan, but with an amount to be paid equal to zero as the amount already invoiced in the aforementioned advance invoice is deducted. If the supply of the goods is postponed with respect to the time of actual use of advertising, the advertiser supplying the goods will be required to issue an invoice for
advance for goods to be delivered, for the same amount as the advertising plan already consumed and invoiced by Gooon.
The economic competence of advertising will follow the period of actual delivery of the advertising.
Financial area

No cash flow for the advertiser, no use of money, savings on the cost of money.

Economic field

More sales, greater inventory turnover, reduction of logistics costs.

Strategic Scope

Greater visibility thanks to the advertising investment, potential insertion of goods in new channels and markets.

Goods management

The first legitimate concern of any advertiser who approaches a goods exchange is linked to where his goods will then be sold.
The identification of the best sales channels is one of the most relevant aspects for the success of the operation; GOOON analyzes and shares in advance with its customers all the opportunities presented by the national and international market, finding the solution most appreciated by the advertiser.

Gooon is able to market the goods at:

Advertising Planning

The prerequisite for the success of a change of goods is that the advertising planning does not replace a negotiation or reservation of an existing media plan, but that it represents an additional opportunity compared to the existing cash budgets.
Gooon is made up of professionals with experience in the most important international Media Centers, able to offer advertisers the best media plans on any medium at national and / or local level.
Based on the marketing / communication objectives of advertisers and the target they wish to reach, Gooon’s media experts study the opportunities offered by the contemporary advertising scenario, analyzing possible alternatives and identifying the most consistent solution to the needs of each customer: this leads to creation of a personalized “media mix”, in which the various means of communication merge into a single structure, created ad hoc for the advertiser and aimed at transmitting its commercial message on different platforms.
An indispensable part of the media planning process is the ongoing management of the relationship with advertising agencies, aimed at protecting the interests of advertisers and optimizing the resources available to them.
Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a marketing technique based on the diffusion on the Web of articles and multimedia contents in relation to a specific subject. Conceptually it is similar to the distribution of press releases. The difference lies in the message that is spread. If with the press release we focus everything on the diffusion of a specific news, with Content Marketing we will spread articles (and / or multimedia contents) related to the Brand or product or to a specific event and each article will lead to the customer’s site. For the dissemination, information sites, blogs, specific sites for the subject matter, discussion forums, social networks, bookmark sites and any tool deemed suitable for achieving the purpose are used which, depending on the case, can be simply informative and / or to support the positioning of the site on search engines.

Direct Email Marketing

When Email began to spread as a universal communication tool, websites and other specialized companies began to form large lists of names, profiling them based on age, interests, work and many other parameters, and they usually use these lists for sending targeted advertising and / or information emails. It is a tool that cannot be included in an effective and well-structured Web Marketing strategy.

Social Media

Social Media are the social phenomenon of recent years and have become part of the lives of many of us with arrogance. Facebook, by far the most popular, has about 1 billion subscribers and there are many social networks that count hundreds of millions of faithful subscribers. Many of these social networks are more elitist and when you decide to use this tool to advertise, you need to study and plan here too. We at GOOON are able to assist the customer starting from point zero: from the choice of social networks up to advertising campaigns, to targeted campaigns to recruit fans / followers, to the creation of contests, and to the management of social pages on behalf of the company.

SEO Optimization

Yes, positioning in search engines is also part of Web Marketing. Placing a site in the top positions on search engines is equivalent to a real marketing operation capable of increasing the visibility of the site or of a single page and therefore of a brand or product. We are able to offer it as an accessory service or as an objective of a Content Marketing campaign.

SEM Google Adwords

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is undoubtedly the workhorse of the moment and represents the form of monetization of Search Engines. The advertising message can be represented by text banners, traditional banners, flash banners, videos, banners with user registration without opening a landing page. The peculiarity is that only banners of interest to the user are displayed and almost represent a possibility of further study offered by the site or the search engine. The Google AdWords service is the king of this technology and this advanced form of Web Advertising.

Press Release e Online PR

It is the digital version of the sending of press releases to agencies. Companies often need to communicate information and the press release performs this task very well even on the Web where, with a single sending, thousands of sites are informed and can decide whether to develop the news to publish it.

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